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rĀthe® – About it with our Authors at the Texas Book Festival!

A Hell’s Angel, a virus-chasing Reporter, and a time traveling musician. Add to that, prisoners reincarnated as famous artisans, a Rock and Roll Truck driver, and a 1720’s London Gentleman. We didn’t forget church, either – Church/devotional, and a Pizza Fight!

All that in booth #104 at the Texas Book Festival on October 26 and 27!

Come meet the amazing authors of these characters and stories!! Francis Hicks, Ron Seybold, Michael Inman, JL Civi, Bill Thomas, Tobias Garrett, Petrena Wilbur, and Kerry McAvoy!

Meet them in person at the rĀthe booth at various times throughout the weekend for readings and signings. Check out the schedule below for times.

Saturday October 26th in Booth #104  

11AM: Francis Hicks shares his coming of age tale of runaway kid in a tribe of the Hells Angels in The Long Ride: Learning About Life from An Outlaw Biker.

At Noon: Ron Seybold tells of his crack reporter who must discover and erase the first networked bio virus before it wipes out humanity in Viral Times.

1 PM Come have fun with the Happy Texan, Michael Inman, on the road with some of the most famous bands we all grew up with, from Willie to Pink Floyd.

2 PM JL Civi reads from his debut novel Timely Persuasion about a music critic who goes back in time to fix his love life.  And from his Short Story about a world where customer service agents’ immense power and influence, a screenwriter uses a magic website to get out of jury duty.

3 PM Bill Thomas brings to life his falsely imprisoned long-haul truck driver/ reincarnated Ernest Hemingway who meets fellow inmates/ reincarnated artists Vincent Van Gogh and Amadeus Mozart in The Three Souls. 

4 PM: Tobias Garrett tells of Peter’s escape from the 1720’s debtors’ prison to take down the ruthless and greedy Lord Banks that wrongfully engineered his family’s fate in Hunted. 

Sunday October 27th in Booth #104

12:30 ( just about time for Church!)

Kerry McAvoy encourages readers to challenge their most basic assumptions about God and urges them to look at the quality of their relationship with him. In addition to daily devotionals, psychological questions, spiritual discipline exercises, and worship in her new Devotional, Pain is a Starting Point.

1:30: rĀthe hosts a live demonstration of how to upload your content and control your future as an Author. 

Find out more about the Live Demo and RSVP to it here.

2:30: A good old-fashioned Food fight – well, a Pizza Fight to be specific!

Petrena Wilbur captures the moment near the end of a relationship where enough is enough in Pizza Fight.

For more information about the Texas Book Festival and rĀthe’s involvement, check out our post here!