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rĀthe® now has Public Domain Titles in the Library!

Attention Students and Lifelong Learners!

rĀthe™ is now offering numerous classic Titles such as Frankenstein, The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, and so many more – all available for FREE on the rĀthe app. That’s right, these entire books are available for free.

Taking an intro-level English or literature class in school? The rĀthe team has been adding many of the most listed syllabus books to the rĀthe library. Why pay for a book that’s out there for free and on your phone whenever you want it? 

We make it easy by segmenting each Title into 625 chunks called Episodes. Read an Episode or two a day, and you’ll get through the classics in no time!

Or, reward yourself with an Episode or two (five minutes, max) of Pride and Prejudice.

Look forward to the coming release of rĀthe-exclusive author Emily Maxx’s Cloud of Danger, set to be released in late October. Not only are you getting in your daily reading, (anywhere, anytime) you’re well on your way to becoming well-read. 

In a time of pointless, divisive news, take a trip to the home place of “fake news” – fiction! 

Arm yourself against the tyranny of ignorance by reading the Classics. The timeless lessons found throughout the classics (they are classics for a reason, after all) find ample expression throughout modern events. Life becomes far less scary when you realize that people have been dealing with many of the same issues we are for all of history. The perceptual advantage is well worth the temporary, tough mental wrangling with Artistotelian thought or the mind numbingness of the seemingly eternal hunt for some huge whale.

With our Magic Word system, it’s easier than ever to hang out and dive into the mysteries of experience with rĀthe® .

Hang out and Dive into the Classics with rĀthe®
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rĀthe will be at the Oklahoma Book Festival!

rĀthe® will be at the Oklahoma Book Festival on Saturday, September 21st! We’re extremely excited to have some of our amazing team members on hand to showcase the power of rĀthe. 

As writers and readers, we fantasize about being well read and writing our own best seller. As we grow up, “reality” often appears before us as a perpetual excuse or obstacle in the way. That’s just it – others (or just as often, ourselves) refer to it as a “fantasy” – a pipe dream, altogether unattainable.

rĀthe has shifted that narrative making it now fundamentally false. Reignite your bestseller publishing dream! We’ll publish it – no rejections!

rĀthe is an electronic publisher whose mission is package, market, and distribute Author stories to everyone through their patent pending mobile app.  Instead of waiting for someone to come find your story, we will take your story to the palm of their hand.  That’s new!

Come to our booth!  rAthe costs nothing. It is free! We will share income fairly and we really, truly want you to succeed.  Our founder is from these parts — she demands it!

The Oklahoma Book Festival is in Oklahoma City in the Boathouse District from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event is completely free to attend (no tickets needed!) and will feature over 100 authors from across the nation. Additionally, there will be panel discussions, presentations, crafts, poetry readings, book signings, food trucks, and more

Check out to learn more about it! 


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