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rĀthe® at the Oklahoma Book Festival!

rĀthe® will be at the Oklahoma Book Festival on Saturday, September 21st! We’re extremely excited to have some of our amazing team members up there showcasing the power of publishing and reading with rĀthe™ . 

The app launched only a few weeks ago now, and the process of finding new authors and readers has remained slow, yet steady. Book festivals are the ideal events to go to as it’s purely dedicated to readers and writers! 

Remember the excitement of the book fairs that would come through your school when you were young? The feeling of awe from staring at the explosions of color and stories all around you (not to mention the frustration of forgetting to ask for money before you left for school). Most of all, the desire of wanting to have one of your books on one of those shiny book racks, enticing those that pass by it. 

As writers and readers, we fantasize about spending a day with an excellent book and writing our very own. Yet, as we grow up, “reality” often appears before us as a perpetual excuse or obstacle in the way of this fantasy. That’s just it – others (or just as often, ourselves) refer to it as a “fantasy” – something magical, ethereal, and altogether unattainable. This is fundamentally false. 

rĀthe™ ’s mission is to help writers become Authors and readers to read (especially in this distracted digital age). The feeling of hopelessness and anger and fear after staring in the face of rejection over and over is what we want to eliminate. If you write, we want you to publish it and find your audience. Every single person has an audience, and rĀthe™ finds that audience for you, so you can focus on the fantasy – writing. 

Come to the book fair and learn more about rĀthe™ ’s magical, fantastical process and just how easy it is to start publishing your writing. Every writer needs to read, read, read. That’s why we make it easy to do that too – a little at a time.

The Oklahoma Book Festival is in Oklahoma City in the Boathouse District from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event is completely free to attend (no tickets needed!) and will feature over 100 authors from across the nation. Additionally, there will be panel discussions, presentations, crafts, poetry readings, book signings, food trucks, and more

Check out to learn more about it!  rĀthe® – About it on the App Store