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rĀthe® – About it with our Authors at the Texas Book Festival!

A Hell’s Angel, a virus-chasing Reporter, and a time traveling musician. Add to that, prisoners reincarnated as famous artisans, a Rock and Roll Truck driver, and a 1720’s London Gentleman. We didn’t forget church, either – Church/devotional, and a Pizza Fight!

All that in booth #104 at the Texas Book Festival on October 26 and 27!

Come meet the amazing authors of these characters and stories!! Francis Hicks, Ron Seybold, Michael Inman, JL Civi, Bill Thomas, Tobias Garrett, Petrena Wilbur, and Kerry McAvoy!

Meet them in person at the rĀthe booth at various times throughout the weekend for readings and signings. Check out the schedule below for times.

Saturday October 26th in Booth #104  

11AM: Francis Hicks shares his coming of age tale of runaway kid in a tribe of the Hells Angels in The Long Ride: Learning About Life from An Outlaw Biker.

At Noon: Ron Seybold tells of his crack reporter who must discover and erase the first networked bio virus before it wipes out humanity in Viral Times.

1 PM Come have fun with the Happy Texan, Michael Inman, on the road with some of the most famous bands we all grew up with, from Willie to Pink Floyd.

2 PM JL Civi reads from his debut novel Timely Persuasion about a music critic who goes back in time to fix his love life.  And from his Short Story about a world where customer service agents’ immense power and influence, a screenwriter uses a magic website to get out of jury duty.

3 PM Bill Thomas brings to life his falsely imprisoned long-haul truck driver/ reincarnated Ernest Hemingway who meets fellow inmates/ reincarnated artists Vincent Van Gogh and Amadeus Mozart in The Three Souls. 

4 PM: Tobias Garrett tells of Peter’s escape from the 1720’s debtors’ prison to take down the ruthless and greedy Lord Banks that wrongfully engineered his family’s fate in Hunted. 

Sunday October 27th in Booth #104

12:30 ( just about time for Church!)

Kerry McAvoy encourages readers to challenge their most basic assumptions about God and urges them to look at the quality of their relationship with him. In addition to daily devotionals, psychological questions, spiritual discipline exercises, and worship in her new Devotional, Pain is a Starting Point.

1:30: rĀthe hosts a live demonstration of how to upload your content and control your future as an Author. 

Find out more about the Live Demo and RSVP to it here.

2:30: A good old-fashioned Food fight – well, a Pizza Fight to be specific!

Petrena Wilbur captures the moment near the end of a relationship where enough is enough in Pizza Fight.

For more information about the Texas Book Festival and rĀthe’s involvement, check out our post here!

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The rĀthe® Writing Challenge: Leg Emoji

rĀthe™ – A Revolution in Publishing

Remember when writing was fun?  

Before you were told how hard it used to be to get published?

We’ve discarded the old world way of thinking.

We believe writing is fun, and should remain so. That’s why we’ve distilled the writing process into easy steps.

Step 1.  Write it   

Step 2.  Make it available  

Step 3.  Distribution to people other than family and friends 

(Bonus: Retain a much more equitable share of the earnings.)

that’s rĀthe!

We have a fun challenge for all writers!

rĀthe would like your help to solve the mystery of the Leg Emoji!

This Apple emoji lives alongside the smiley face, high-five, and the others on iPhones.  

We aren’t kidding!

Can you explain this emoji in a Short Story of 1500 to 5000 words?

We can’t wait to read it – on rĀthe!  All you have to do is write and publish a  short story (1500 – 5000 words) and publish it to the rĀthe portal that incorporates, explains, animates, stars, launches, shoots (you get the point!) about this emoji – to help unravel this mystery?  We don’t know? We are befuddled, mystified, stymied, stumped? We haven’t a clue. That’s why we are asking you!    

We thought emojis are supposed to be pictorial representations of emotions.  Happy-face, high-five, kisses, you know… So what emotion does a Leg capture? You tell us!

If you haven’t heard, rĀthe doesn’t believe in genre.  We believe in the power of the emotional journeys created for our rĀthe mobile app users by our talented authors.  

That’s why we have our own classification system: Magic Words.  Here are our Magic Word Categories:


Which one of our Magic Word categories will your emoji short story be in??

Did we mention this isn’t a contest?  Did we leave out the part there are no losers?   Submissions are not judged. There is no deadline for submission. Oh, and no fees either!

The rĀthe Author who sells the most Episodes from Titles submitted for this challenge by December 22nd, 2019 – wins!  

Your Short Story can be launched on rĀthe at any time prior to Leg Challenge end which is midnight December 22, 2019.  Obviously, the more time a story is available, theoretically the more opportunity for it’s success. However, that is only a theory.  Scalability (or, how much rĀthe readers enjoy your story) of the story itself will tell the tale.

The challenge will run until midnight on December 22nd, 2019. 

What does the winner – win?  A Leg trophy of course!  A bunch of accolades, fun marketing, and a big ole push from rĀthe – About YOU and your work.  Everywhere within our reach.  And of course, you’ll earn income from your Episode sales.

rĀthe® will feature your stories (all of them) on our website as they arrive!  

Help us solve this mystery!!!!  

Reading & Writing with rĀthe…
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Scary titles available in the rĀthe® Library!

We’d like to take a moment to highlight some of our current rĀthe® authors with particularly scary titles – just in time for the scariest part of the year! Hang out and dive into the many different worlds our talented authors have created…

Check these self-published titles released in the rĀthe library.

J. Soleil The Face in the window book cover art

J. Soleil

NIGHTMARE –  “An attorney deals with her subconscious fear of the release from prison of a drug lord.”

The Face in the Window – “Was it a dream or was someone really peering in the window?”

K.G. McAbee Double double cross title story novel book art

K.G. McAbee

Artist in Residence with the South Carolina Arts Commission

Double Double Cross –  “He’s investigating a string of murders. Too bad the solution is worse than the problem.”

Murder on the Alternate Express – “When a famous detective and his assistant take the famous Alternate Express, who knows what world they’ll end up on?”

Pulling Strings – “In the early days of television, the puppet show was king. But this puppet is something else entirely.”

Careful What you Wish For – ” Five stories that will make you shiver… “

Mr. Popular – ” He wants revenge for his son’s death. But how can he infiltrate the world’s cleanest company?”

Cast Away the Works of Darkness – ” Prince Adric is on the run from the evil Lord Brecc, aided only by his tutor and a few friends. As they struggle through a wandering cave to safety, what follows them in the darkness?”

Dyed to Death – “A young man in a 1920’s cotton mill village discovers a murder.” (Published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine)

BLACKTHORNE AND ROSE: AGENTS OF D.I.R.E. – ” The dead are rising and stalking London! Only the intrepid agents of D.I.R.E. can save the world…again! ” (Honorable Mention in the 3rd quarter Writers of the Future contest)

tobias garret from my covers creep short story cover

Tobias Garrett

From My Cover’s Creep – “The nightmares of nightmares. The main character hangs on for dear life as an evil entity tries to pull him down into the bed during the night.”

Texting – “Texting has become part of our lives and sometimes our deaths. “

petrena wilbur colored lights and faded roses

Petrena Wilbur

Colored Lights and Faded Roses – “Shock turns to the need to escape harsh reality by overcoming obstacles to find a dream.”

Bill Thomas

The Three Souls – “A Texas truck driver meets two inmates who are reincarnated artists.”

Ron Seybold

Viral Times – “A reporter must discover and erase the first networked bio virus. Mighty Hand, created by an evangelical scientist, will sweep through a network of VR SimSuits in seven days, killing millions who suit up for sex in a world overrun by STD pandemics.”

Looking for something scary, spooky, or surprising in our library? Use magic words like “Fright”, “Surprise”, or “Thrill”, and we’ll find you something right up your alley.

Try out a couple of books by reading the first Episode of each for free (how great is it to know whether or not you like a book by taking a minute [maybe two] to read 625 words?)

Lastly, remember that we’re adding numerous classic titles, all for free! Everyone wants to be well read, so why not start with some classic scary stories in the scariest time of the month? We have Dracula, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Grimm’s Fairytales, and Sherlock Holmes!

rAthe halloween self publishing stories
rĀthe® – A Revolution in Publishing
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rĀthe about it at the Texas Book Festival!

rĀthe® is making its Texas Book Festival debut in the Exhibitor Tent #1, Booth #104 on October 26th and 27th in Downtown Austin.  

Although we are not at the “big kids table” we are pioneering the way to the future of marketing, packaging, delivery, of fun, surprising, thrilling, romantic, hopeful fantastic stories to iPhones, designed to be enjoyed, on the go– a little at a time. 

We’re extremely excited to be a part of the Texas Book Festival!

The value of reading is monumental for all for all ages!  Through story we transported into worlds our minds imagine in real time from the words that created them.  That’s a one of a kind experience for each person!

rAthe is an electronic publisher based in Austin.  Our recently released, patent pending mobile app delivers that experience to your iPhone,  625 words at a time — for a dime!

Dial up, drop in, hang out, or just pop by, all on your schedule from the comforts of anywhere you are with your phone.  Our Authors works are available right now, today on the App Store, rAthe – About it! App is free, First Episode of every Title is free too! 

At the Texas Book Festival, get a chance to glimpse into the following creators of those worlds.


Saturday, October 26th:                        

Time             Author               

11:00 AM     Francis Hicks, author of Long Ride: Learning About Life From An Outlaw Biker.

“Innocence evaporates as drugs fuel confidence. A lost boy finds a home in the Hells Angels.”  

1:00 PM     Michael Inman, author of Happy Texan

“An inspiring, unpredictable and fun story of an insiders POV of adventures in rock n’ roll stadium tours.”

2:00 PM     JL Civi, author of Timely Persuasion

“A music critic goes back in time. He tries to fix his love life. He tries to save Kurt Cobain. He tries to prevent his sister’s bad relationship. And he accidentally turns his father into the biggest folk-rock star of all time. Did it work? Hmm…”

3:00 PM    Bill Thomas, author of The Three Souls 

“A Texas truck driver meets two inmates who are reincarnated artists.”

4:00 PM     Tobias Garret, author of Hunted

“Peter Gray thought life couldn’t get any tougher, until in 1720, authorities place him and his family in debtors’ prison because of a shady business deal engineered by a ruthless and greedy Lord Banks. Peter escapes and plans to do whatever it takes”

Sunday, October 27th 

12:30 PM     Kerry McAvoy, author of Pain as a Starting Point

“Where is God when we suffer? Is God trustworthy? Why?”

1:30 PM     rAthe – live rAthe demonstration – How to:

  • Upload and publish your work on rAthe through the portal 
  • Manage your collateral, marketing, and messaging in real time 
  • Publish your story to reach the iPhone population in the US,
  • Track sales and income,
  • Sign up for free at “publish my story” on the website portal at

2:30         Petrena Wilbur, author of Pizza Fight 
“Pizza Fight captures the moment near the end of a relationship where enough is enough.”

There will be over 100 exhibitors, Austinite food trucks, fun family activities and countless opportunities to meet authors and book lovers alike. 

We will be in Exhibitor tent #1, nearest the Capital entrance in booth #104!

We hope to see you there!

Join our MeetUp Group and RSVP to the event.

The Texas Book Festival is a nonprofit organization. Book sales at the Festival support the two-day event and statewide school and library programs. 

Find out more here: