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Our Team

emily maxxFounder – Emily Maxx (Pen Name)

Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and 20+ years of successful business leadership experience in the technology space. Her first entrepreneurial effort being one involving network traffic via satellite. After a life changing event that spanned many years she decided to chase her lifelong dream of becoming a mystery novelist under the pen name Emily Maxx. She didn’t know rĀthe® was going to ultimately be the mechanism for fulfilling that dream. For this reason, her identity as the founder of rĀthe® will remain a secret for her to do exactly that. To learn more, check the rĀthe® story.

Chief Executive Officer – Marjorie Mancini

Marjorie Mancini is our CEO. Wherever Marjorie goes, success follows. She is a serial Entrepreneur who holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Georgia. She has successfully founded and brought to market a successful Recruiting software company that is still in operation today both in the US and Germany. As with her own software firm which was one of the first of its kind available, her entrepreneurial expertise in technology gives rĀthe® another competitive advantage as we blaze the trail of what had not existed before in the publishing space.

Chief Research Officer – Katharine Hodgdon Ph.D.

Katharine brings to rĀthe® a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Texas A&M University which was exactly what we needed to discover, organize, and leverage all the data points we needed in launching rĀthe®. How were we to know that her talents extended into technology as well. It was not unheard of for her to throw out a line of code every now and then just to keep us on our toes. She is responsible for Market Research efforts as we move forward to tackle Android and learn from version 1 of rĀthe®. How Lucky are we!!!!

Electronic Publishing Liaison – Sue McClurg

Sue leads our author outreach and liaison efforts. Her 20+ years of business development and end user focused expertise in the central Texas telecom and distribution brings to our rĀthe® authors navigation expertise of which she is the master. She understands the challenges of using technologies that are foreign and new and knows how to navigate through them to get a goal accomplished. Regardless of the challenge, she will help our authors with anything from onboarding to support and she is good at it.

Project Manager – Catina Davis

Catina our one-man SWAT team! She oversees handling all things getting it done. Catina holds a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and brings her expertise in the areas of operations, distribution, and project management to all things rAthe®. She is a true asset to the company! Thanks, Catina, I won’t forget it!

Valued Partners

Nova Pursuits, LLC

Nova Pursuits and its Founder Neil Saigal was on board from the very first conceptual idea of what would eventually become rĀthe®. Through all the crazy that comes with start-up they endured change of unprecedented magnitude as the requirements of a simple premise kept changing. Despite crushing deadlines, he never flinched. That’s a partner! Thank you, Nova Pursuits! Well Done!

Creativa Consultores

Creativa Consultores team is responsible for the re- development of the mobile app after our Focus Group identified key feature requirements we hadn’t originally planned. Their efforts have been absolutely integral to the release of rĀthe® 1.0. Grateful is all we can express to the Creativa Team! Muchos Gracias!!!!! www.Creativaconsultores.com

Ade Oriadetu

Ade is our CRM Architect and the Developer of the rĀthe® CRM. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from London School of Business and Management. His expertise in mobile solutions starts with security and ends when the system performs. His background of 14 years of experience extends from Mobile Carrier to Travel industries. What an absolute gift to have Ade on our team. How Lucky are we!!! Are you seeing a trend…?

Janice Schwarz

Janice has a bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in eBusiness. It is fitting that she would lead our Website design efforts. Her work efforts include multiple implementations of successful enterprise level applications. Of course, she has experience in wireless product website design and development. We are kind of into phone stuff. We think it is important for what we are doing.

Tim Dunn

Tim is a fantastic, albeit late addition to the rĀthe® arsenal. His expertise in the area of UX/UI Design brings to life the rĀthe® mobile app user experience. Tim’s considerable background includes UX/UI/VX design for Hewlett Packard and SONY Online Entertainment. Tim holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.  timdunn.biz


BUILTbyBackspace has been instrumental in the User Experience and Interface the rĀthe® website domain and Author portal. Their team was outstanding on all fronts, creativity collaboration, and responsiveness. Their expertise made our vision come to life user aesthetics inside the author portal as well as aspects of the website and rĀthe® mobile app. Their iOS development talent is impeccable! Their help with the mobile app down the stretch was nothing short of Herculean! Thank you BUILTbyBackspace! Well Done! BUILTbyBackspace.com

Michelle Rivera Design

Wow!!! Michelle’s intuitive and mindful talent for imagery resonates across all platforms of rĀthe®. Her insight and deft hand brought cohesion into your view for our mobile app, website, and logo branding efforts. Thank you, Michelle Rivera Design! Well Done! michelle-rivera.com

Josh Kight

Local Austin artist Josh Kight is responsible for the rĀthe® logo. From his very first hand-drawn sketch through many hours of hard work and multitudes of concept ideas Josh’ spirit of collaboration never waned. In the end he had gotten in right with the very first sketch! His vision of the only upper-case letter in our name capital Ā with the line over it, resembling a book standing open is now the rĀthe® logo. Thank you, Josh Kight! Well Done! joshkight.com

The Writers Workshop

Ron Seybold of the Writer’s Workshop is our writing domain subject matter expert. We couldn’t have chosen more wisely. His broad scope of knowledge of every stage of the author experience past and present challenged rĀthe® to demonstrate a 360-degree view of the entire writing marketplace. That’s value! Thank you, Writer’s Workshop! Well done! workshopwriter.com/about-ron

Vision and Wellness

Vision and Wellness Bookkeeping Services and their Founder Shari Brown lead our accounting efforts. Not an easy task with when you are accounting for many automated transactions. With a smile and a kind word, and pinpoint accuracy she has helped the rĀthe® story ultimately be told. Thanks Vision and Wellness! Well Done!

Jonathan King

Jon is a key member of our Portal team. His considerable contribution includes the rĀthe® portal/website Library in total as well as much of the work the author blog capability. Jon holds a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Pittsburgh and a BS in Mechanical Engineering which came in handy too! Thanks Jonathan!!!

Michael Wadsworth – Digital Marketing/Social Media

Michael is another writer with professional expertise in Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Social Media. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Ohio Wesleyan University. We didn’t find him as early as we had hoped. However, his recent efforts in consolidating and managing the collective rAthe® messaging have been considerable. We are grateful! Thanks Michael!!!

Jack Gage

Jack is our video guy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University of North Texas where he graduated magna cum laude. His creative talent brought to bear our promotional video for the App Store. His continued efforts in production of digital collateral will be a boon for the company. Thank you again Jack!  http://linkedin.com/in/jackrgage

Special Contributors

Robert F. Dailey

Bob is the absolute best! Bob was special counsel in math to the Founder. Bob holds a PhD in Systems Engineering and bachelor’s degree in math. Bob spent 20+ years in Engineering within Bell Labs and AT&T Labs before retiring in 2017. He is a super smart guy. We are honored to have had his help.

Zoltan Romocsa

We can all thank Zoltan for free Episodes! We had design meeting after design meeting and could not come to consensus on the best way to accomplish this goal. Zoltan, a longtime friend to Emily, came up with the solution in a 5-minute phone call. Not surprising, he is one of those super smart guys too. Zoltan holds Master of Computer Science and Applied Math as well as Master of Electrical Engineering degrees. Thank you, my friend.

Richard Counts

Another super smart guy! Richard consulted with rĀthe® on several fronts including our patent application. Richard holds BS in Physics from the University of Texas, Dallas. Richard holds a dozen patents and is inventor and founder of SafeCode Inc. dba Mustang Project and EngineStat. Richard is currently the VP of Research and Development at American Innovations here in Austin Texas.

Alpar Erdei

Continuing the theme of smart guys. Alpar helped Emily evaluate the System Requirement Specification for version 1 of the mobile app that would become rĀthe®. Another longtime friend, Alpar holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science degree and is currently a Director of Software R&D at a local Austin biotech company. Thanks, Alpar!!!

Penny and Stacy Reynolds

The Reynolds sisters were our benefactors when no one else would listen. They provided the last mile of financing to bring rĀthe® across the finish line. Without them, who knows? Thanks P&S!!!

Michele Snethkamp

Before rĀthe® had a name, Michele jumped in to help us find the right people to make it a reality. Michele holds a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and is a recognized industry expert in identifying the right technical talent. As we grow we hope we can entice her to join our team but until then, we will forever be grateful for her help. Thanks Michele! Well Done!

Bill Olivas

Bill Olivas is responsible for the rendering of our Founder Emily Maxx. Fitting that Bill spent a career in Engineering and Technology prior to his current one as a masterful visual artist. You can find Bill most Saturdays in San Antonio in Market Square and his work is available online at billolivas.com. Thanks again, Bill! billolivas.com

Alicia Crowder

Alicia built the Magic Words turning on rathe.app and they are AWESOME! She did so much in the early days of rĀthe®. She was very knowledgeable and helpful on oh so many fronts. We are grateful for her efforts. Well Done You!

cover artBocieri

Ms. Bocieri provided the cover art to encompass all of rĀthe®’s emotion evoking classification system referred to as Magic Words. This magical image is sure to capture Readers imagination and draw attention to the stories being shared.




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