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Why Should you rĀthe®- About It?

Why should you rĀthe® – about it? 

  • No Subscriptions! – We want customers not hostages!!
  • Pay as you go with no commitment
  • Free samples of every Title
  • Undiscovered talented authors
  • Get the whole eBook for free in the format of  your choosing when all individual episodes are purchased.
  • Manage your time – Enjoy whole books pre-packaged in bite sized increments 2- minute reads 
  • Classics available for free and University required reading
  • No annoying ads
  • Few Push Notifications (2 per week)
  • Maximum user flexibility – Access to multiple format options (small doses, eBook, and/or imprint)
  • Doesn’t require 2 hands
  • Doesn’t drain battery and easy on data storage

Easy sign up, Existing account mirroring (we do NOT store none of your sensitive data)

Download the App here!

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