rĀthe Unlocks Books to Provide New Entertainment for iPhone User

Austin, TX, October 10, 2019 — rĀthe® Unlocks Books to Provide New Entertainment for iPhone Users

rĀthe’s patent pending mobile app packages whole stories of varying lengths (formerly books and short stories) into tiny 2-3-minute reads.

Mobile app users receive the first segment (called Episodes) for free. User options include: continue reading one at a time, unlock all Episodes of their phone, buy the whole (book) formatted for iPad or Kindle, or go to the Author defined URL to purchase printed works.

Authors have the ability to load, manage, and track success from a central dashboard at rathe.app

Both the App and the Portal are free.

rĀthe believes in the value of immersion in worlds created by words, implemented by the mind in real time. The biggest of which the opportunity to dream, imagine, create, strive, and achieve.

rĀthe is also are committed to the equity of commerce to creators of content.

rĀthe simply introduces the two. One + one!

rĀthe will make its Texas Book Festival debut on October 26 in Exhibitor tent #104 near the Texas Capital entrance between 12th and 13th streets.

The rĀthe® mobile app is free and content is only pennies.

Available now on the App Store: rAthe - About it

Patent Pending © rAthe®2020
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