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rAthe was built for authors by authors, salespeople, technologist, and thought leaders based on a very simple premise. Content creators should be the majority earners of dollars generated by their work.

The creative process of content creation often doesn’t lend itself to the commerce of marketing, promotions, distribution, and sales which in total equal income to the author.

Traditional publishing brings together these talents compensating each for their individual contribution to the end result. The end result is reaching and selling stories/books to existing genre markets of readers.

This leaves the balance of income distribution distorted as if they were all equal. They are not. Content creation = product availability. Without the product there is no need for marketing, promotion, distribution, or sales to contribute.

The last decade of technology advancements has drastically increased the availability/ supply of content and books being published. The result has had an adverse effect for the content creators because of the oversupply of books available. Making the demand for “books” a smaller percentage than ever before to the traditional reader markets.

All of which makes income generation for authors more challenging than it was when only a limited number of books were available in the traditional publishing framework.

All the while mobile devices have become ubiquitous to our existence creating a burgeoning opportunity to deliver content/books to them.

The rAthe model seeks to counter the aforementioned forces utilizing technology to market, promote, package, and distribute content on behalf of those who make the product i.e. content creators of books and stories while delivering that content in a new way to encourage a new generation of consumers/readers.

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