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Scary titles available in the rĀthe® Library!

We’d like to take a moment to highlight some of our current rĀthe® authors with particularly scary titles – just in time for the scariest part of the year! Hang out and dive into the many different worlds our talented authors have created…

Check these self-published titles released in the rĀthe library.

J. Soleil The Face in the window book cover art

J. Soleil

NIGHTMARE –  “An attorney deals with her subconscious fear of the release from prison of a drug lord.”

The Face in the Window – “Was it a dream or was someone really peering in the window?”

K.G. McAbee Double double cross title story novel book art

K.G. McAbee

Artist in Residence with the South Carolina Arts Commission

Double Double Cross –  “He’s investigating a string of murders. Too bad the solution is worse than the problem.”

Murder on the Alternate Express – “When a famous detective and his assistant take the famous Alternate Express, who knows what world they’ll end up on?”

Pulling Strings – “In the early days of television, the puppet show was king. But this puppet is something else entirely.”

Careful What you Wish For – ” Five stories that will make you shiver… “

Mr. Popular – ” He wants revenge for his son’s death. But how can he infiltrate the world’s cleanest company?”

Cast Away the Works of Darkness – ” Prince Adric is on the run from the evil Lord Brecc, aided only by his tutor and a few friends. As they struggle through a wandering cave to safety, what follows them in the darkness?”

Dyed to Death – “A young man in a 1920’s cotton mill village discovers a murder.” (Published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine)

BLACKTHORNE AND ROSE: AGENTS OF D.I.R.E. – ” The dead are rising and stalking London! Only the intrepid agents of D.I.R.E. can save the world…again! ” (Honorable Mention in the 3rd quarter Writers of the Future contest)

tobias garret from my covers creep short story cover

Tobias Garrett

From My Cover’s Creep – “The nightmares of nightmares. The main character hangs on for dear life as an evil entity tries to pull him down into the bed during the night.”

Texting – “Texting has become part of our lives and sometimes our deaths. “

petrena wilbur colored lights and faded roses

Petrena Wilbur

Colored Lights and Faded Roses – “Shock turns to the need to escape harsh reality by overcoming obstacles to find a dream.”

Bill Thomas

The Three Souls – “A Texas truck driver meets two inmates who are reincarnated artists.”

Ron Seybold

Viral Times – “A reporter must discover and erase the first networked bio virus. Mighty Hand, created by an evangelical scientist, will sweep through a network of VR SimSuits in seven days, killing millions who suit up for sex in a world overrun by STD pandemics.”

Looking for something scary, spooky, or surprising in our library? Use magic words like “Fright”, “Surprise”, or “Thrill”, and we’ll find you something right up your alley.

Try out a couple of books by reading the first Episode of each for free (how great is it to know whether or not you like a book by taking a minute [maybe two] to read 625 words?)

Lastly, remember that we’re adding numerous classic titles, all for free! Everyone wants to be well read, so why not start with some classic scary stories in the scariest time of the month? We have Dracula, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Grimm’s Fairytales, and Sherlock Holmes!

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