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Indies United Publishing House is "a co-op of like-minded authors, working together to showcase our books and our diversity as writers that embraces over a dozen different genres. We openly encourage and support both new and established authors in their pursuit in finding their audience while bringing to you books worth reading."

Are there any upfront fees if I join Indies United?

"There are no upfront fees for joining Indies United outside of the processing fee for each ISBN assignment. If you are looking for hidden fees, there aren't any. We are very upfront about what we expect from our authors and what our authors can expect from us in return. As the Founder of Indies United, I have been an Indie author since 2015, and I understand the struggles authors face in the publishing world and wanted to give authors a safe haven and a home to call their own, and so Indies United came into being."

For more information about royalties and ISBN purchase information, click on this link to be taken to Royalties information.

"As a traditional Indie author, going it alone can be hard. To be truthful, very hard. Our goal is to give Indies a home where they can thrive in the often confusing, frustrating, and occasionally hair-pulling publishing world. Unlike traditional publishing houses, Indies United allows you to keep the control many Indie authors enjoy having, while offering the support of a community of like-minded authors. Can we guarantee that you'll become the next great J.K. Rowling? No, and we will never imply otherwise. But what we will do is give you the best tools available to us, to give you and your books, a chance to shine. We will never inhibit you from the highest success as an author that you can reach, even if that turns out to be with another publishing house.

To find out more, check out the Indie Publishing House Website and detailed FAQ!

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