Indies United Press Release

November 17, 2019

rĀthe® is excited to join forces with Indies United Publishing House!

Their tagline is like an echo of what rĀthe was built to do:

“A place where authors & readers meet”

Going it alone as an author can be tough. While rĀthe offers the tools to market and distribute your work online to our mobile app, Indies United is a fully fledged publishing house recognized by the Library of Congress.
All books published through Indies United receive LCCNs and are included in the Library of Congress (provided there is a physical version of the book ) Additionally, Indies United can assist authors with additional promotion, editing services, ISBN registration, and more.

We are delighted to have the Indies United authors who already uploaded their Titles to the rĀthe – About it through the portal and look forward to reading more of their stories on rĀthe.

We believe their community can offer rĀthe authors value added services outside the scope of what we do.

rĀthe® about Indies United @ and connect with them on social media!

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