A Cadillac” Holland Mystery, Volume 3 - Can’t Stop the Funk image

A Cadillac” Holland Mystery, Volume 3 - Can’t Stop the Funk

Leave it to Detective Holland to seek justice even when there may not be a crime.

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rĀthe release date: June 11, 2020

The hurricane that riveted the world's attention has become the recovery nobody cares about. Five years have passed since a wall of water tried to wash away the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, and now the plans of a handful of real estate developers is threatening to finish the storm's displacement of the city's poorest residents. NOPD’s Chief of Detectives wants to know who is trying to buy the new home the Make It Right Foundation built for his favorite sous chef. Chief Avery is willing to risk the unintended consequences of having Detective "Cadillac" Holland find out who is behind the offer. It’s an election year and condominium developers and the local king of gentrification have the backing of the district's City Councilwoman. It’s up to Detective Holland, despite his ‘talent’ for making a mess of things, to find the justice in something that isn’t even a crime while he avoids stirring the city’s treacherous political waters.

Thanks again to my close friends who encouraged me to find a way to tell my Katrina stories.

For my own Miss Js; Joyce and Jackie.Thank you for your patience and service.

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