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Sent Packin'

Another day at the office. All the small things. Until you punch your ticket to the train...

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rĀthe release date: January 15, 2020

Workplace politics. Open floorpans. Employees and managers. Instant messages. Bulleted lists. Rumors and gossip. Inside jokes. Midday parties. Tight deadlines. ALL STAFF emails. Leaked information. Arts and crafts. Meetings with HR. Time off requests. It's just another day at the TTM, INC, LLC office until someone gets a one way ticket for the sent packin' train. A standalone workplace satire from the DUTY CALLS series of juror backstories.

Aside from a few thinly veiled inside jokes, any resemblance to past/present/future employers is purely coincidental or exaggerated satirically.

For anyone who has ever had to deal with workplace politics, open floorpans. instant messages, bulleted lists, rumors, gossip, inside jokes, midday parties, tight deadlines. ALL STAFF emails, leaked information, arts and crafts projects, meetings with HR, time-off requests or any of the other joys of office life.

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