The Long Ride: Learning About Life From An Outlaw Biker image

The Long Ride: Learning About Life From An Outlaw Biker

Innocence evaporates as drugs fuel confidence. A lost boy finds a home in the Hells Angels.

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rĀthe release date: September 6, 2019

In 1970 the USA was reeling from a decade of social upheaval. The Vietnam war was in full swing. Student protesters were challenging the status quo. The National Guard had shot four young people at Kent State. Nate Hester is 18 years old and lost in this chaotic world. He heads out on a hitchhiking trip, running from bad parenting and the military draft, searching for the acceptance and safety of a family. He finds his tribe in the Hells Angels, but drug abuse and a criminal lifestyle keep Nate from the peace of mind he seeks.The Long Ride relates the gritty struggle of a young man searching for meaning in a world of greed and anger. Nate is transformed by his experiences, but not enlightened. He learns to stand up for himself, but cannot escape the lure of the power and control that initially freed him from his fear. Young people will relate to Nate’s troubles. Adults will see themselves in the consequences of his decisions.

Thanks to Black Rose Writing for publishing this story. Many people have helped me in my pursuit of craft. Marjorie, thanks for telling me over and over again I am a good writer. Dan, thanks for insisting stories need tension. April, thanks for taking me seriously. To my beta readers and others who have encouraged me, thank you.

To my friends in The San Antonio Writers Guild who put up with my early drafts and lack of polish. to Marci, sorry you missed this. To Tim, thanks for being a wonderful son.

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