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Can giant bugs keep a family from their dog? Nope!

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rĀthe release date: August 29, 2019

It’s the bugs. I guess you know how things developed on Old Earth: fish, insects, reptiles, mammals, all that great big biodiversity. And every planet humans have settled since has a similar development. But on Zebulon Delta, life sort of got stuck in the insect stage. Sure, we’ve got a few little amphibians and reptiles and even the occasional mammal about the size of your finger, but bugs are the top, middle and bottom of the food chain. Big bugs. So when my little brother Clem’s puppy disappears through a break in the fence-field, of course we have to go after him. Dangerous? Yep. That’s life here on Zebulon Delta.

For Jim Johnson, who came up with the idea

For the New Paradigm Writers Society

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