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Visit MindLily.com to get your free copy of Triple Your Reading, Memory, and Concentration in 30 Minutes.Kam Knight is the founder of Mindlily.com and author of several bestselling books on learning, memory, and productivity. Over 250,000 people have read his material to learn and do more, in less time, and with more fun.When Kam is not writing or teaching, he is globetrotting, having traveled to nearly 100 countries around the world. His adventures include diving with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos, swimming with a whale shark in Honduras, biking the Death Road in Bolivia, hiking the tallest mountain range in Africa, sleeping in the world’s oldest rain forest in Malaysia, and climbing over a dozen active volcanoes.His experiences have made all the difference for his readers and followers, who love reading his material. Connect with Kam and get unprecedented insight into your mind to function better and get more done in life.

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