Channel Partners

rĀthe® has partnered up with some great other businesses to help authors get their books out there!

Indies United Publishing House:

Indies United Publishing House is “a co-op of like-minded authors, working together to showcase our books and our diversity as writers that embraces over a dozen different genres. We openly encourage and support both new and established authors in their pursuit in finding their audience while bringing to you books worth reading.”

Check them out here!

Bedside Reading:

Bedside Reading places books by the bedsides in luxury and lifestyle hotels, as well as in the media. Established in 2017, our company works with every major publisher as well as independent publishers and self-authors.

Our philosophy is to take a layered approach to book marketing. We believe that an author is a brand. We work directly with each author to promote their book in a variety of media and with influencers each month. We promote each book 20 times/month. 

We provide media placement and media images for author’s use. We consider ourselves a unique  “spoke” in an author’s marketing wheel. 

Check them out here!